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Welcome to the Website of Bethany Ministries!

 India is an exciting up and coming country on the world scene. Any visit to its diverse and stimulating cities and countryside will invariably leave the visitor wanting more. The atmosphere, the bustle, the activity and last but not least the friendly people, cannot fail to make an impression on all. Within its borders over one billion people reside, of which an estimated 27 million are of the Christian faith. Despite this seemingly sizeable number, Christians themselves are a minority percentage alongside other religions. Many of them are in poverty and this is where the work of Bethany Ministries comes in.

About Bethany Ministries

Bethany Ministries is an independent interdenominational Christian ministry based in Kurnool City in the state of Andhra Pradesh, south India. Operated by a family team of GP doctors and headed by Dr. Christian Faithful, Bethany seeks to reach out to the poor and needy within its area. Free medicines and other medical items are distributed and examinations carried out where necessary, in pre arranged medical camps - often in remote village locations. There are nearly always a high number of children involved. During the same visit of the medical camps the Gospel is proclaimed at the local church, thus proclaiming good news for the Spiritual as well as for the physical! Additionally, Bethany has contacts with and encourages, around 200 Pastors and their church congregations within a wide area. Many of these would welcome a contact from other brothers and sisters in the Lord as they beaver away in God's service and often in difficult circumstances.
The ministry have no support from elsewhere in India and only from one outside the country, (UK), as at the spring of 2012. As concerns that support, Bethany request prayer and encouragement support and as a bonus, fellowship support for a wide flock, from fellow believers elsewhere. Now that early contacts with Christians abroad have emerged the future looks bright, the challenges look inviting and the opportunities for God's people (especially outside India), are more or less endless as recent visits from the west to see the work in action have proved. May God get the glory!

We hope you enjoy looking around the website! Thank you for your interest - it will be great to hear from you!


Our Faith History Vision Donations Gallery Contact Us Kurnool District Kurnool City Andhra Pradesh The Team Partnership